Continuous improvement with tailormade scalable software

In The Netherlands and neighbouring countries, Cierpa has been helping production companies to get to the top for over ten years. In a user-friendly manner, Cierpa Software provides insights into improvements and wastages in the production process.  That way, every company can quickly learn how to improve its performance.

A modular, user-friendly software suite

Techniques and methods like 5S, Kaizen and the LEAN approach to overall thinking are the basis of Cierpa’s software suite. The various modules fit together seamlessly and are  easy to use, for consultants, plant managers, operations managers and operators. What is more, our software can easily be tailored to the needs of your specific process. Cierpa software brings continuous improvement within the reach of everyone in every company.


Mathieu van Loon

CEO Cierpa Software

Who is who?

Mathieu van Loon
CEO, Co-founder
The question which impels me, as CEO and co-founder of Cierpa is: how do you reinforce a change of culture (that is, continuous improvement) by means of software? When I see an operator or a manager demonstrate how his or her team has improved with the help of our software, then I am really proud of what we have contributed with Cierpa software.
Han van der Heijden
Sparring partner
I’m a sparring partner for consultants and for customers with in-depth questions. In addition, I’m responsible for customer support and marketing. What makes me happy? Seeing our customers become more successful.
Dirk Jan van Lente
Co-founder, Improvement Consultant
From my own working experience, I was aware that there were no good CI-software modules available on the workfloor to support continuous improvement. Although that is precisely where it should be happening. That was very much in my mind as co-founder of Cierpa. I often conceive the setup and functions of our modules, and then, within Cierpa, we work these out into a user-friendly product.
Janneke Möhlmann
Interaction Designer, Marketing
As Interaction Designer, I work to enable the users of our software to achieve their goals in the easiest possible way. What are the various stages they have to go through? Where are the buttons situated? How does the software interface appear? I think it’s fantastic when our clients use the software for the first time and immediately understand how they can do what they want with it.
Paul den Boer
Software developer, Support
As a software developer I convert the ideas of designers and product owners into a working application. I make sure that the buttons work, the information is stored correctly and that everything looks the way it was conceived. I also support customers with questions and resolve any problems.
Twan Spee
Software developer
I am a software developer for Cierpa. I think the great thing about this job is that you help make improvements and eliminate repetitive jobs by automating them.

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