Cierpa Software and our consultants

Everybody wins with optimal cooperation

As an improvement expert you help your client to significantly improve business processes. Our software does the same thing. That’s why we want to work with you. Together we optimize the client’s improvement process!

Whether it’s OEE, Kaizen, Quality, Competence, or Assessment, Cierpa Software integrates seamlessly with the improvement process. Our state-of-the-art software modules are demonstrably effective. We listen to our clients and our improvement experts, so we always know what the market needs.

With our modular, versatile, and user-friendly software and your expert knowledge we make sure companies work optimally!



With Cierpa Software you make the difference with your client.

Cierpa Certified Consultants

As a Cierpa Certified Consultant (CCC) you know our software by heart. That’s what gives you a distinctive advantage. For your client. For you. And for us, which means we also like to refer our clients to you.

We like to give you that trust. Because you don’t become a Cierpa improvement consultant that easily. For starters, we expect you to be an experienced improvement consultant. Also,  we expect you to invest in our Cierpa Software training. Once you’ve obtained your certificate then you’re ready to go!

Does your client select Cierpa Software to optimize their improvement process? Then you will receive a consulting fee from us.  Thanks to your training you can independently start any improvement project using our software. We can assist you with implementation for your first three clients and of course you can count on our support department.

Together we create a win-win-win situation – for your client, for you, and for us! With your specialist knowledge and our smart improvement software, the client gets the best results!

And you’ll show your value as an improvement consultant even quicker!


Your advantages as a CCC:

  • new leads through Cierpa
  • consulting fee for every module you implement
  • proof of your Cierpa Software knowledge
  • a distinctive position in the market
  • easy to implement at the client’s site
  • accelerated improving with proven track record
  • overview of your client’s improvement process, also remotely
  • optional links and expansions with other Cierpa improvement modules
“Cierpa Software is developed with improvement consultants. That means the software can do exactly what I need.”

Willem Siebers

Cierpa Certified Consultant

Growth plan towards success

Want to become a CCC? Start your journey now and achieve your proven expert status!

"Cierpa Software is easy to use and results appear quickly. That’s great to get people on board!”

René Kindervater

Cierpa Certified Consultant

Cierpa Certificaten

★ Associate ★ Practitioner ★ Expert

Become a proven expert and help your customer improve faster and more efficiently.

The CCC-program

How do you become a Cierpa certified consultant?

Cierpa Certification is a stepped process. First we talk to you. Then we use a Fit Assessment to see if we are a match and if you have the skills we expect from a Cierpa Improvement Consultant. Then we start the training process.

As an Associate you learn all the ins and outs of one or more Cierpa Software Modules. Not only do we train you as a user, you will also learn how to implement the software at your customer's site, how to set up the module, and how to train users. You complete your training with a knowledge test. Then you will receive the Associate certificate.

After your Associate training you can further grow to becoming a Practitioner and then an Expert. You do this mainly by making optimal use of the Cierpa modules with your clients and showing measurable results of your improvement projects. Each level you reach has its own certificate.

Want to become a Cierpa Certified Consultant too?
We’d like to meet you! Schedule an appointment for a Fit Assessment, so we can see if we are a match!
Want to know more?
Then contact us, we’d love to tell you more about our software and our certification program!

About Cierpa Software

Cierpa Software is designed together with improvement consultants. The numerous analysis options of our smart software enable us to make the improvement process at your customer more efficient and simpler. We know what you need in your customer's improvement process!

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