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Lean manufacturing will obtain the best possible ratio between costs savings on the one hand, and improved quality and productivity on the other hand. Lean manufacturing will improve the work process with significantly better and more efficient results. Moreover, any possible waste in your work process will be eliminated. Our lean software will allow you to simply oversee this on-going process in your company and to self-improve at any time.

This is what Cierpa Software does for you

Kaizen lean manufacturing oee 5s audit softwareCierpa Software gives you improved insights and control.
Kaizen lean manufacturing oee 5s audit softwareContinuous structured improvement
A faster improvement process

Cierpa Software gives you improved insights and control.

Waste within a business process is not always visible. But thanks to Cierpa Software modules you can now see exactly what wastes your business faces. Including planned waste, like maintenance work, or unplanned waste, like downtime. What's more, these wastes can now be viewed in hours, in process time, in raw material use and delivery delays.

Cierpa's OEE Module gives you more control over the effectiveness of both men and machines. Cierpa Quality gives a direct insight into your material usage. So that from now on, 100% of raw materials end up in the final product.

Continuous structured improvement

Where does an improvement process begin? And how do you structure it? Create the right workflow, and you will always know which input gives the best result. Cierpa Kaizen utilizes the familiar PDCA-circle and helps by collecting, structuring and prioritizing ideas for improvement. And with it generating insightful management reports becomes child's play.

With Cierpa Competence, knowledge gained from experience is never lost, but is used to build up a valuable database. So today's standards provide tomorrow's improvements. Cierpa Competence ensures that your process of improvement will be continuous and structured.

A faster improvement process

Cierpa Kaizen helps to accelerate the improvement process. Even for existing processes. And hard-won knowhow and experience becomes easily accessible for other colleagues and teams, too. No more re-inventing the wheel, because it can all be used immediately.

Cierpa Assessment uses regular monitoring to accelerate improvements. This active distribution of knowledge ensures a quadratic acceleration which is enhanced as improvements are introduced to more establishments.

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How you can immediately start using Cierpa Software

Cierpa Software integrates seamlessly with your existing software and is ready to be used immediately. And because Cierpa's modules work on your webbrowser, everyone in your business can start working with them directly. These small but significant benefits of Cierpa Software help you to establish a culture of continuous improvement throughout your business.

With Cierpa Software, you won't lose any hard-won knowledge, derived from OEE for example. On the contrary, it is recorded, secured and applied more widely than before. Needless to say, the various modules fit together seamlessly, so that knowhow is distributed throughout the entire Cierpa Software suite.

Because most conventional norms are incorporated into Cierpa Software, all your staff can start working with it almost immediately. And of course, the software also actively supports the improvement process. The modules can be focused onto your specific situation as well as being available for default settings. And should you require it, we can provide a suitable trained consultant to help you in this.

Continuous improvement is feasible for any company with Cierpa Software. Our software suite is based upon techniques and methods such as 5S audit, Kaizen, OEE and the lean theory in general. Any company will be able to implement continuous self-improvement with Cierpa Software. Cierpa's methodology has proven itself many times in thousands of companies around the world. Concepts like PDCA, Kaizen and 5S Audit help to ensure a uniform view of the organization and the improvement process.

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