CleanLease and securing improvements

CleanLease specializes in the cleaning and rental of high-quality textiles. The improvement process often stumbled because of an overflow of improvement ideas and a lack of insight into the added value. With Cierpa Kaizen, the organization succeeds in implementing and securing improvements.

Marcel van Walderveen, Corporate Manager, and Karin Warrink, Training & Development Manager, talk about improving with Cierpa.

For over one hundred years, CleanLease has been a specialist in the cleaning and rental of high-quality textiles. Our first laundry started in 1910 in Wormerveer, and since then, we’ve grown into a leading service provider for the hospital-, care-, and hospitality branches in The Netherlands and Belgium.

We were already in the middle of an improvement process when we started using Cierpa Kaizen. Our employees came up with lots of improvement ideas, but it was difficult to gain insight into the added value of these proposals. That’s why we didn’t act upon them. We also used individual action lists, making it difficult to secure all current actions and improvements. To end this, we implemented Cierpa Kaizen at all our Dutch branches. It’s a web-based tool, so everything can be done online.

We are so proud of what we achieved, using Cierpa Kaizen:

  • All actions are secured using a method everyone understands.
  • All improvement ideas and actions are measurable.
  • We use permanent teams that discuss improvements weekly during shift transfer.
  • Employees feel they are being heard.

Cierpa Kaizen has had a positive influence on both the process and all employees. It provided everybody with the tools to take up and secure improvements within the organization.

CleanLease and securing improvements

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Cierpa Software enables you to improve your organization continuously. LEAN manufacturing changes your work floor processes towards better and faster results and ultimately reduces any waste. With our LEAN software for companies, it’s possible to manage this ongoing process quickly and easily. Our Cierpa improvement consultants can also offer help.

Techniques and methods like 5S audit, Kaizen, OEE and the underlying LEAN thought principles are at the very core of our software suite. With Cierpa OEE, Cierpa Kaizen, Cierpa Quality, Cierpa Competence and Cierpa Assessment, Cierpa Software really speeds up all your improvement processes!

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CleanLease and securing improvements