5s LEAN checklist for your audit

LEAN management is an invaluable tool for companies that want to maximize their performance. So how LEAN is your production? Download our 5s checklist and perform your very own audit!


What is 5S LEAN?

5s is a method within LEAN management to work more efficiently. It’s possible to reduce waste, by bringing clarity and standardization to the workplace or production.

The 5s method originated from Japan. The system strives for order and cleanliness on the work floor. This objective ranks into five principles, all of them starting with the letter S:

Seiri - Sort - Lose surplus

Seton - Simplify - Everything in its place, there's a place for everything

Seiso - Sweep - Cleaning = inspecting

Seiketsu - Standardize - Document and recognize

Shitsuke - Sustain - A waste-free workplace forever!

What can a 5S LEAN audit show me?

To start with 5s, you need to know the current quality of your workplace. You’ll find that out, using this audit or baseline measurement.

The 5s checklist uses the 5s principles to show you how well, safe and efficient your workplaces and employees operate. The audit shows you where production isn’t efficient and helps you to optimize the work process. Standardization of procedures can be part of this process.

What’s in the 5s checklist?

The Cierpa 5s LEAN checklist is an appraisal form for production workspaces and production lines. Questions are asked for each of the 5s themes. One or more auditors can complete the checklist for a department, workspace or production line.

How often does the audit need to take place?

Audits are carried out regularly, to assess whether production is at the right level and to determine whether the implemented improvement points really are effective. A 5s LEAN audit can take place once every three months, but also once a week when you need quick feedback on a new method.

What can a 5s audit do for my organization?

5s audits need to become aids for optimizing your production or organization. They are not a necessary evil but intermediate milestones that are part of a larger plan.

Once your company embraces this point of view, everyone can view the audits as a motivating moment with enough space to show and celebrate joint successes.

Digital 5s audit

A 5s PDF checklist is a great way to perform a simple audit. However, would you like more overview and better features? Would you like multiple auditors, at different places within the company or maybe at different locations? Then the 5s digital checklist might be the better choice. Then choose Cierpa Assessment.

Cierpa Assessment is a digital auditing tool that uses visual reporting to show you how your company continuously improves. It's a significant next step in the improvement process of your organization. Contact us for free advice or a live demo!


Cierpa Software enables you to improve your organization continuously. LEAN manufacturing changes your work floor processes towards better and faster results and ultimately reduces any waste. With our LEAN software for companies, it’s possible to manage this ongoing process quickly and easily. Our Cierpa improvement consultants can also offer help.

Techniques and methods like 5S audit, Kaizen, OEE and the underlying LEAN thought principles are at the very core of our software suite. With Cierpa OEE, Cierpa Kaizen, Cierpa Quality, Cierpa Competence and Cierpa Assessment, Cierpa Software really speeds up all your improvement processes!

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5s LEAN checklist for your audit