8 Smart tips for your OEE reports

Cierpa OEE offers an overview of your production process. Where does waste occur, and why aren’t you producing at maximum capacity? These 8 Smart tips for your OEE reports help you further adapt Cierpa OEE reports to your wishes.

Tip 1: Cut out a period

A specific day of the week, a particular time of day: you can completely customize reports to your wishes. It’s very convenient, for example, to show overtime in the evenings or on weekends.

Tip 2: Use the standard screen layout

The layout of the reports is uniform across our software products. On the left, you choose what you want to show (machine, date), the report is placed in the middle, on the right you can change the appearance of the report. This makes it easy to set up a new report.

Tip 3: Use the top line

The top line is convenient when you want to detect trends. How often does a malfunction occur and how often does it recur after it seemed solved. This way, you can chart if a solution really was a solution. Below, in the first image, you can view the top line to see the breakdowns because of a modification. The second image shows the break occurs twice but does not reappear after the implementation of an improvement idea. This proves the issue was solved.

You can set up the top line here:

Tip 4: Use a product-based selection

When you have specific products that need extra attention, you can tick them on the bottom right menu. This way, you alter the x-axis of the chart, so it isn’t based on the date but on the product. It will give you a great overview of the OEE per product.

Tip 5: Use a machine, order, or team-based selection

The top left menu enables you to choose between machines, to analyze the date of the selected machine. But you can also select machine groups, products, customers, orders, teams, employees, or shifts. This way, you can adapt substantive data. Think of a filter that shows only the data of the selected machines.

Tip 6: Use report sets

Suppose you always need the daily bar graph or Pareto graph for a specific meeting. Then it’s a great idea to make a report set. Create a template of the commonly used reports so you can generate the appropriate reports at the push of a button.

Tip 7: Select multiple items

Top left enables you to select multiple items by ticking them. Quite convenient in combination with tip five: now you can filter data on machines and products.

Tip 8: Export to different programs

Would you like to use your reports in another program? That is possible! For instance, you can use Excel export in the top right corner in the bar chart. When you need to connect with other programs, you can always contact Cierpa support: well generate those custom reports for you.

These are our 8 smart tips for your OEE report. If you have suggestions, complementary ideas or questions? Let us know!

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OEE software shows you instantly where waste occurs in your process and reveals the underlying reason. Why isn’t production at maximum capacity? Cierpa OEE combines manual, digital, or real-time data and converts it into insight. That knowledge alone immediately delivers an output improvement of 3 to 5 %.

Cierpa OEE in 3 minutes

Cierpa OEE in 3 minutes

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8 Smart tips for your OEE reports