Customer question: The planning factor in OEE, what is it?

In Cierpa OEE you can view the planning factor in the standard report (via Show details). However, what does that number mean and how can you use it?

What will the planning factor tell you?

The planning factor shows you how much time the factory was closed, or planned out. The machine readout gives you theoretical availability and net availability, or actual use of the machine.
For instance, it’s possible that a machine won’t be used during nighttime, which makes total availability 24 hours and net availability 16 hours. The ratio between these numbers is the planning factor. The planning factor is a percentage, in this case, 66%.

OEE uses net hour availability, not total availability. OEE doesn’t take the unplanned part into account. The focus is on improving actual production.  So when OEE cannot be improved anymore but production needs to be better? Then it’s time to look at the planning factor.

How to improve your planning factor

Suppose the planning factor is 66%. And the machine was in use 2/3 of the time. You want to raise productivity? Raise the working hours and increase the planning factor.

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Cierpa OEE in 3 minutes

Cierpa OEE in 3 minutes

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Customer question: The planning factor in OEE, what is it?