Which improvement software fits your company?

You’ve already started with continuous process improvement, but you still use paper, whiteboards or Excel. Or, you haven’t started yet, but you have continuous improvement in mind. However, you dread choosing and implementing the right improvement software. Which one fits your company? First, you want to know: what’s the investment, how complicated will it be, and what are the results?

We’ll make a list of what kind of improvement software Cierpa offers you and what it could mean for you. This way, you can decide which improvement software suits your company.

About Cierpa

Cierpa was founded in 2005 by a LEAN consultancy firm focused on starting improvement processes within other companies. So we know firsthand what the process is all about.Since then Cierpa has been helping production companies in and outside of The Netherlands to reach the top. Cierpa’s user-friendly software shows improvements and waste within the production process, making every company improve faster.

Cierpa improvement software

Cierpa uses software modules that can be used together or separately. Often, companies start using one or two modules, only to extend to more modules later. The modules can be web-based but also hosted on-site. Cierpa’s improvement software is easily tailored to your specific process. Improvement consultants add great value, which is why we can advise you on the right consultants from within our network.

Cierpa improvement software consists of five modules:

1. Cierpa Kaizen
At first Cierpa Kaizen is a simple task list, aiming for Kaizen’s Plan-Do-Check-Act. It’s perfect to support the Kaizen method in your organization and to focus on small (quick) improvements. However, Cierpa Kaizen is also a multi-disciplinary improvement tool to make the entire company grow and improve quickly. Also, Cierpa Kaizen can be used during 5S and 5S audits, offering a variety of small improvement activities with a combined large improvement potential.

2. Cierpa OEE
Cierpa OEE shows the bottlenecks in your production and how waste occurs there. The best way to start OEE is, surprisingly, by using paper. Using an old-fashioned scorecard creates a feeling for OEE within your production team (download your OEE scorecard). Just input the data into the software, and your first OEE data has been created. After a couple of weeks, when everybody has gotten a feel for the OEE process, you can switch to a digital scorecard and start saving time. Finally, you can install sensors in the bottleneck, and start collecting real-time OEE data. Cierpa OEE’s measuring and analysis tool converts all data to insight.

3. Cierpa Competence
Cierpa Competence focuses on standardization of improvements. Usually, this is what happens: detect recurring waste, find a way to prevent it, then turn that into the new standard. Cierpa Competence allows you to create standards, spread them throughout the company and insert them into your training program. Some companies wait with Competence because the first improvements could be relatively small; other companies feel the need to train their employees directly.

4. Cierpa Assessment
Cierpa Assessment provides an overview of your audits and assessments. Simply fill in the digital assessment and possible improvement points can be sent directly to Cierpa Kaizen. Appealing charts and visualizations clarify what can be improved and what progress is made. By default, Cierpa Assessment contains a 5S audit checklist and also supports your custom questionnaires.

5. Cierpa Quality
Cierpa Quality is an extension of Cierpa OEE. The module enables you to conduct digital quality control, including tracking & tracing of materials. You’ll gain insight into your material balance and keep a grip on production quality. In this way, quality control is part of your improvement culture.

Which improvement software in which situation?

The (combined or separate) Cierpa Software modules take the improvement culture in your company to the next level. This way, you can reduce waste, maintain quality and save considerably. The table provides an overview of the issues you can address with Cierpa improvement software (click on the image to enlarge or download).

The cost of Cierpa Software

There’s more than choosing which improvement software best suits your company: costs and revenues also play an important part. Our price list provides you with an overview of the costs. Prices will go down when you buy multiple software modules. We can also offer you a free trial period. Once you’ve started using our improvement software, you can expect considerable savings. Would you like an online demo or any further information? Then contact us! 


Cierpa Software enables you to improve your organization continuously. LEAN manufacturing changes your work floor processes towards better and faster results and ultimately reduces any waste. With our LEAN software for companies, it’s possible to manage this ongoing process quickly and easily. Our Cierpa improvement consultants can also offer help.

Techniques and methods like 5S audit, Kaizen, OEE and the underlying LEAN thought principles are at the very core of our software suite. With Cierpa OEE, Cierpa Kaizen, Cierpa Quality, Cierpa Competence and Cierpa Assessment, Cierpa Software really speeds up all your improvement processes!

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Which improvement software fits your company?